Fascinating facts for OT Week 2019

Occupational therapy techniques date back to 100BC – Natalie, OT at The Children’s Trust, shares her top facts.

  1.  In 100BC, a Greek physician named Asclepiades used OT techniques to treat mental illness.
  2. Occupational therapy was founded by three men and three women in 1917.
  3. Wounded soldiers returning from World War I and World War II relied heavily on OT. This pushed the profession to standardise training, instruction and certifications.
  4. OT’s didn’t begin working with children until the mid-20th century.
  5. The message for Occupational Therapy Week 2019 is ‘Small Change, Big Impact’. An example of this is an eight-year-old boy who needed assistance to tie his shoe laces, particularly when changing for PE at school. A small change was introducing elastic shoes laces. The impact was this enabled the boy to independently take his shoes on/off. He no longer required support in school from teachers, which meant he could get changed with the rest of his friends in school. A happy ending!
Many thanks to Natalie Martlew, Highly Specialist Occupational Therapist in the Brain Injury Community Team at The Children’s Trust, for providing this information.


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