Even small bump on the head can cause hidden brain injury, warns mum-of-two

Despite appearing to the outsider as a successful and intelligent woman, Kate Fothringham is battling a brain injury that has turned her life upside down.

In 2010 she suffered a blow to the head whilst skiing, which left her briefly unconscious.  She was advised by a doctor to take paracetamol and wasn’t discouraged from skiing for the rest of her holiday. Kate’s problems worsened in the following months, as she struggled to complete sentences, lacked concentration and couldn’t make decisions. She said: “Now I couldn't finish a newspaper article and reached information overload quickly. “I'd panic because I couldn't understand.” Kate felt constantly exhausted, suffered from a chronic headache and developed a stutter. She couldn't watch television because light and noise were painful, and regularly felt tearful. Eventually Kate seen a neurologist who confirmed she was suffering from the residual effects of mild traumatic brain injury. With therapy and support, Kate has helped get her life back on track and she has learned to cope with how her brain now functions. She said: “If I forget a word, I take a deep breath and think of another, and I make lists. I'm incredibly lucky - I've basically recovered. But it had a major effect on my life and I wish I'd had the support and information I needed sooner.” Read the full story here.
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