Encephalitis Society share Clair’s story

A new film spreads awareness on encephalitis and one family shares their experience.

In the Encephalitis Society’s new film Clair’s dad Mark explains life with Clair since her brain injury four years ago after falling ill with encephalitis. The film spreads awareness of encephalitis, inflammation of the brain. It is caused either by an infection invading the brain or through the immune system attacking the brain in error. Clair did not recognise her parents when she woke up in hospital. Clair’s dad talks about how Clair has been affected by the illness with examples including how Clair might repeat herself in conversation or be confused when she visits a new place. Tips are also given, such as Clair writing a diary, which she’d be lost without. Dad Mark also explains how Clair spends her time, such as volunteering in a charity shop. A doctor covers some of the effects of encephalitis in the film, including seizures, memory problems and how a person’s personality can change. Dad Mark says: ““Life’s changed for us. Our daughter will never recover but we’re still together and there’s always hope. “We now appreciate every moment we have as a family. Seeing Clair cope with the illness makes me feel so proud.” Anyone at any age can get encephalitis. You can read Real Stories on children and young people who have had a brain injury following encephalitis here. To find out more information about encephalitis see the Encephalitis Society website.
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