Drivers' group: 20mph campaigners "fanatics"

A 20mph sign
A national driving organisation has branded those calling for 20mph speed limits in residential areas “road safety fanatics”. Last week, campaigning group Brake staged its annual road safety week, calling on local authorities and MPs to consider reducing the speed limit in built-up areas. Road traffic accidents are a major cause of traumatic acquired brain injuries, and Brake says its GO20 campaign aims to make communities “safer, healthier, nicer places”. But the Association of British Drivers says 20mph limits are “ineffective” in reducing accidents. Chairman Brian Gregory said: “As with most pet road safety ideas proposed by amateur enthusiasts – speed humps, speed cameras, etc. There is little attempt to collect scientifically sound evidence on the benefit of such ideas.” Click here to visit the GO20 website and to find out more about the campaign.
You can visit the Association of British Drivers here.
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