Disabled people win living fund case against government

The ruling is important for all disabled people, lawyers for the claimants say.

Five disabled people have succeeded in a legal challenge to the government's decision to abolish the Independent Living Fund (ILV). The £320m ILF currently provides support enabling nearly 19,000 severely disabled people in the UK to live independent lives in the community. The High Court ruled in April that the closure decision was lawful, but this was overturned by the Court of Appeal. The government said it was considering whether to contest the judgement. During the Court of Appeal hearing, the five argued the High Court had misinterpreted the law and there had been a lack of proper consultation by ministers over the changes. They said that, without ILF funding and support, they would be forced into residential care or lose their ability to participate in work and everyday activities on the same basis as able-bodied people. Read the BBC story.
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