Disability Living Allowance case heard at court

Cameron's family are fighting the case in memory of their son

Contesting the suspension of benefits for disabled children in hospital.

A Warrington family challenged the rule at the Surpeme Court on Thursday (26 March). The landmark case is the culmination of over four years' campaigning by the Mathieson family to overturn the regulation that suspends DLA after a child's first 84 days in hospital. Cameron Mathieson spent more than two years in hospital with cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. His family argues that they acted as full time carers until the five-year-old's death, in October 2012. They decided to continue their legal challenge in their son's name. The government justifies stopping DLA when a child spends a long time in hospital by arguing that a patient's needs are fully met free of charge by the NHS. The family are being supported by The Children's Trust and Contact a Family in the Stop the DLA Takeaway campaign. During the hearing the results of the charities' survey providing evidence that the rules are unfair were read out. A judgement is expected in the near future. The campaign argues that costs for a family of a disabled child in hospital will actually increase because of addition travel, lack of earnings, childcare costs and food expenses. They have set up a petition for people to show their support for the case. To read more click here.
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