DCP welcomes Select Committee Report on school and college funding

The critical need for a 10-year funding plan to be put in-place has been highlighted by the Education Select Committee Report. 

  The House of Commons report on school and college funding was released on Friday 19 July calling for 20 recommended changes and a 10-year plan. This addresses huge educational funding shortfalls, and the projected deficit of over £1bn by 2021, which will severely affect the services for special needs and pupils with disabilities. The report said the government has failed to keep up with demand and is placing pressure on schools to fund any special need requirements themselves. Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP, Chair of the Education Committee, said: "Education is crucial to our nation's future… A proper ten-year plan and long-term funding settlement would provide stability for schools and colleges and help ensure that our education system is fit for the 21st century." This finding supports the Disabled Children’s Partnership ‘give it back’ campaign, which is calling for the government to fill the vital funding gap for children with disabilities and their families. This explains how the £434 million shortfall affects children, their families, parent carers and children’s quality of life; that the number of children with disabilities has increased by 33% in the last 10 years; and that the strain on families has huge economic consequences, not only now but it has long-term implications for the NHS. Commenting on the Educational Committee report, DCP Campaign Manager Stephen Kingdom said:  “…….This is why we are calling on the government to ‘give it back’ and increase funding for disabled children, across education, health and social care.”
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