Soldier release brings brain injury to the fore

The release of Sgt Danny Nightingale saw acquired brain injury reach the top of the national news agenda last week. An SAS sniper, Nightingale had been sentenced to 18 months of military detention for possession of a pistol and ammunition he said was a gift from soldiers he had trained in Iraq. But the 37-year-old was released after an appeal last week and rejoined his family. He was given a suspended sentence, but says he now hopes to have the conviction overturned. Nightingale’s lawyer, William Clegg QC, said that Nightingale had a brain injury, and had forgotten he still had the pistol. Sally Nightingale, the soldier’s wife, told the BBC her husband collapsed during a charity run in 2009 and had spent three days in a coma. She said he was unable to remember his daughter when he regained consciousness. The soldier’s family and friends had led a high profile campaign that included a petition carrying more than 100,000 signatures calling for his release. Story sources: BBC News BBC Newsbeat
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