Dad's joy at care help after multi-million pound payout

Fabian Bedoya says the money means he can now focus on being a dad, not just a carer.

Lhana Bedoya has cerebral palsy and is completely dependent on others as a result of errors by obstetric staff at Watford General Hospital. Medical staff failed to monitor Lhana's heart rate as she was being delivered in 2003, causing her brain to become starved of oxygen, the High Court heard. Lawyers for the family fought a long battle for the support and specialist rehabilitation services Lhana needs. In July last year West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust admitted responsibility and made an official apology. Now a High Court judge has approved a major settlement to cover all of Lhana's care, accommodation, specialist equipment  and rehabilitation. She is severely disabled, fed by a tube, suffers epilepsy, has very limited vision and is intellectually impaired, requiring 24-hour care. Mr Bedoya said: "I am now looking forward to being a dad to Lhana and not just a carer as the settlement means we will have funds to appoint full-time specialists to help her with all of her care needs." Read the full story here
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