Cyclist wins payout after suffering brain injury in police car smash

Donald MacLeod, 63, now needs 24-hour care after being involved in a smash with a police car as it attended a callout. He could now be in line for a £1million damages pay-out from the Met. Mr MacLeod was cycling home to Stoke Newington when the accident happened at a mini-roundabout in Canonbury in March 2010. As the extent of his injuries became clear, the father-of-three brought a claim - worth in excess of £1 million - against the Met through his wife. The amount awarded will be assessed later if the parties cannot agree on a settlement. Mr MacLeod was wearing a helmet, a high visibility jacket and using bicycle lights, and was an experienced rider who cycled every day, the High Court heard. Judge Martin McKenna ruled out the possibility of contributory negligence on behalf of Mr MacLeod, who would have had to mount the pavement to avoid a narrowing in the road at the point at which the speeding car hit him. Read the full story 
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