Compensation for young people with ABI

Large settlements for people who sustained brain injuries in childhood have been awarded by courts this week. Stockport man Aaron Blain, now 21, was awarded 3.7m. The court was told Mr Blain’s GP did not spot the signs of brain injury when he was a child. The parents of a Tadcaster teenager received a large settlement from an NHS Trust after their lawyers argued that Lauren Ansell’s was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis too late. Rob Wood, spokesman at The Children’s Trust, said: “It is impossible to comment on individual cases without knowing all the facts, but speaking generally, we feel it’s important that large compensation settlements are put in perspective. “What may sound like a great deal of money must be considered within the context of potentially huge costs of care for children and young people with acquired brain injury across an entire lifetime. “Families often make a great deal of sacrifices to care for their loved one, and it’s important that compensation claims are not sensationalised.” Story sources:  The Irish Independent The Press, York
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