Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Mark Ronson to headline disability-friendly gigs

The series of concerts will be put on by Why Not People?; a members club which puts on gigs for people living with disabilities.

As well as hosting performances from chart toppers, the club will also introduce new technologies such as a piece of wearable technology that transfers low audio frequencies onto the body, "reinventing the way we experience music". The club has been set up by Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil. She said: ““I one day decided I simply can't continue living in a world that excludes such a large part of society. "Some of my best friends are those people. Their disabilities should not prohibit them from having the same social experience as those of us who do not face the same challenges. "In this day and age, and with so many technological advances, I simply refuse to believe we can't make more effort to create a more balanced society, one that accommodates those of us who already face so many daily struggles already. I am so grateful that I am finally in a position where I can help to do something about it.” Members will also be able to connect through a social community and receive exclusive offers and advice from online fashion brands and Time Out. Read more here. 
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