Cinema fails to screen The Theory of Everything in its disabled-friendly screen on National Disabled Access day

A 12-year-old who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair had been eagerly awaiting the biopic about his hero, Stephen Hawking.

However Joe France was told by Odeon Cinema in Harrogate that they couldn't accommodate his wheelchair, despite the fact it had facilities elsewhere in the building. 'It was ironic as it was National Disabled Access Day, and we were going to see a film about the most famous disabled person in the world and they had no disabled access," said Joe's mum, Kelly 'He said to me; 'The film was supposed to inspire people but how can somebody in a wheelchair be inspired if they can't see it?' 'I cried when he said that." Joe said: "I felt a bit disappointed really, I was looking forward to seeing the film, Stephen Hawking is one of my top three heroes. "I am very interested in time, space, physics and black hole theory. I would like to study sciences at college and maybe be an astronomer, or a geography teacher or a science teacher. I thought it was going to be a very special day but I ended up doing nothing." Since the incident on January 17, Odeon have offered the family free tickets to a showing. Jason Stanton, Head of Guest Experience at Odeon, said: "Odeon Harrogate is inside a listed building, so we are unfortunately unable to change its layout to add wheelchair access to the two screens that currently don't have it. 'We therefore try to rotate weekly the films we show in the three screens that do have access for people with disabilities, to ensure a full range of films is available. Read the full story
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