Christmas gift guide for people with special needs

A mum has put together a Christmas gift guide highlighting presents she has found beneficial to her son.

  Mum Julie said: “Be assured this gift guide has been put together by a parent who understands how hard it can be to find a gift for someone with special needs.” “Every year I strive to find gifts which he [my son] can use, will make him happy and be motivating in helping him reach his therapy goals.” Julie’s huge list of suggestions includes:
  • instant snow
  • chalk paint
  • personalised gifts
  • photobooks
  • pop-up toys
  • magnetic tiles
  • remote control vehicles 
  • a giant keyboard playmat
  • wireless headphones
  • bath bombs
  • wheelchair guards.
Julie has written Christmas gift guides for several years and shares them on her blog Have wheelchair will travel. Happy shopping!
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