Christmas gift guide for children and teens with a disability

Every year mum Julie puts together a Christmas gift guide highlighting presents she has found beneficial to her son.

Talking about her 2018 guide Julie, from, said: “Although I love Christmas, it can be difficult to come up with gift ideas year after year when BJ’s fine motor skills haven’t develop in line with his age. “But, he absolutely loves Christmas and rips open the gift wrap with great gusto, making me all the more determined to find something which will meet his joyous expectations.” Her list this year includes personalised gifts and toys, photo and travel ideas, stretchy dough, puzzle games and more. Julie also has guides from 2017 and before – ideas included pop-up toys, chalk paint and wireless headphones. Mum Julie and her son BJ live in Australia but many of the ideas are universal. Taking inspiration from Julie we’ve looked at some ideas that can be bought in the UK:
  1. Electronic books, £20ish

Book and sound tablet e-readers come in a range of titles appealing to different ages – we’ve found Paw Patrol, Disney Princess and Star Wars. No wires or plugs, you simply follow the colour coded pages on printed books and press the buttons on an electric pad to hear the text read aloud.
  1. Lock and latch board, £18ish

This wooden latch board by Melissa and Doug is great for fine motor skills and the number of pictures and colours keep it interesting.
  1. Easy dressing t-shirts, £8-£12ish.

This year M&S expanded their Easy dressing range to include dresses, t-shirts, trousers and more. These clothes have hidden care labels for comfort, holes to allow tube feeding and riptape openings for easier dressing. Many of the clothes go from aged 3 years to older teenagers including an Ooh lala t-shirt and a stripy smart t-shirt.
  1. Elastic shoe laces, £3ish

These easy no tie shoelaces are great – they come in all colours for a few pounds.
  1. Nightlight and projector, £11ish

By searching around you can find night lights and projectors that appeal to children of all ages. This projector projects 24 images of dinosaurs such as T Rex, Velociraptor and Triceratops up to one metre wide onto walls and ceilings. It then transforms into a nightlight that can also be used as a torch.

Happy Christmas shopping!

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