Children with disabilities feature in fashion retailer’s campaign to celebrate diversity

River Island has launched a campaign ‘Labels are for clothes’, working with anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label.

  The fashion retail brand use models who have been subject to outdated sterotypes at some point in their lives, both adults and children. Six children aged between two and 11 feature in the campaign. They have each been diagnosed with various conditions including Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and eyesight issues. The models came from specialist talent agency Zebedee Management. River Island launched the campaign as it turns 30 years’ old. It said: “Bringing together a diverse cast as the faces and voices of River Island, we explore identity and reject the idea of labelling. “We believe that Labels are for clothes, not people, so we’re spinning tired stereotypes on their head and reclaiming labels to make them positive and truly REAL!“ The campaign includes a competition and a range of empowerment clothing that shouts the mantra “loud and proud”. For every sale, £3 goes directly to Ditch the Label, with an additional £1 going for every social share using #LABELSAREFORCLOTHES.
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