Children with disabilities denied benefits

New statistics released as family of child with disabilities take their case to the Court of Appeal.

Cameron Mathieson had very complex health needs and sadly passed away in October 2012 at the age of 5, having spent more than half of his life in Alder Hey hospital. Cameron's family are challenging the Disability Living Allowance ‘84-day rule’, whereby DLA is suspended for under-16s when they spend more than 84 days in hospital, so that no other family with a disabled child who spends long periods in hospital will have essential benefits taken away from them. The Mathiesons have been backed by two national charities, The Children's Trust and Contact a Family, who have jointly published new research to help highlight the issue. In correspondence with the charities, the Government has argued that the suspension of DLA payments is justified when a child spends longer than 84 days in hospital because they say a patient’s needs will be fully met free of charge by the NHS. But The Children’s Trust and Contact a Family’s survey of 104 families with disabled children who spend long periods in hospital shows the Government’s rationale is flawed. Read the results of the survey here.
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