Charlie's story

Since the below article was published Charlie has returned home and is attending a specialist school and doing well. His mum, Anne-Maria organised for new equipment in the garden, including a trampoline, a specially adapted swing and a hot-tub, all which contribute to Charlie's therapy and rehabilitation.

The mother of a toddler who nearly drowned has talked about finding a heartbreaking new world and the hope she holds for his future, following his brain injury.

Charlie Berry was only three when he nearly drowned in a swimming pool whilst on holidays with his family. After weeks in a coma, his parents were told that he had sustained a significant brain injury as result and couldn’t predict if he would ever fully recover. A year on from the accident and Charlie is at The Children’s Trust receiving intense rehabilitation and where his family get involved in his sessions. His mother, Ann-Marie says every tiny improvement feels like a miracle. "It was three months before he made any response. When he first wailed it was the sweetest sound, I thought maybe my boy was coming back to me. "We don’t know what the future holds for him. Before this, he was an active, chatty little boy. Now he can’t walk, talk or feed himself. But he smiles and responds to all the love and hugs." Read more about Charlie's story here
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