Celebrating European Music Therapy Day

To find out more about the benefits of music therapy we caught up with Jonathan Fever, Music Therapist at The Children's Trust.

Jonathan is one of many music therapists participating in the fourth European Music Therapy Day. Across Europe therapists are holding open house events and workshops to celebrate the 2017 theme ‘hearing your voice’.

So Jonathan, tell us a bit about the events happening where you work?

At The Children’s Trust, our researcher Dr Jonathan Pool will be online tonight for a chat on twitter about Music Therapy (#MTMusings). The team came together with colleagues in a Flashmob event last week. We also offered some extra music therapy sessions to children and young people with some unusual instruments.

Why is music therapy important as part of rehabilitation?

We experience music in a number of ways:
  • from hearing the sound itself to feeling the vibrations of a speaker or instrument;
  • understanding expressed meaning in the music or lyric;
  • dancing or nodding along to the rhythm or pulse of a favourite song;
  • remembering moments, emotions, places, people; and
  • at times people have reported to remember smells associated with a piece of music.
We now know that music is not just played and heard – it is processed in multiple areas in the brain and that music can be a powerful resource in the rehabilitation process.

Can you tell us about research on the benefits of music therapy?

There’s an increasing wealth of research that shows the impact of music on the brain, and therapy offers a flexible and client-led approach to varied goals, across the domains of emotional wellbeing and identity; communication and interaction; learning and cognition; and motor goals.

How can people find out more about accessing music therapy?

Activities need to be specific to children’s needs. The British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT) provides both information about music therapy and has a Find a therapist option that may be of use.

Thanks for the info Jonathan and enjoy the rest of European Music Therapy Day!

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