Carers Rights Day 2014

Kathryn and her Mum

Having the right information at the right time can make a huge difference when you are looking after someone.

Today Carers UK are running their Carer’s Rights Day and this year's theme is ‘Looking after someone? Know your rights’.  This focuses on 3 areas:
  1. Making carers aware of their rights and helping them navigate the maze of services and entitlements.
  2. Letting carers know where to get help and support and where to go for advice and information
  3. Raising awareness of the needs of carers
You can find more about the campaign on the Carers UK website here. We have teamed up with NHS Choices to provide lots of useful resources to help parents caring for a child with a disability.  Our information includes advice on benefits, practical issues and work.  You can find our resource section here. ‘Contact a Family’ has also produced this video of parents sharing their experiences of where they found the best advice and support.
Contact a Family also have a know your rights section here. 
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