Calls for health chiefs to sign new charter for disabled children

As the NHS undergoes the most dramatic upheaval in its history, two national charities are calling on newly-created health boards to make a solid commitment to ensure children with disabilities are supported. The Children’s Trust and Every Disabled Child Matters have created a Disabled Children’s Charter, and are asking Health and Wellbeing Boards across the country to sign up to its seven principles. What’s more, the organisations are mobilising their supporters and encouraging them to email their own local Health and Wellbeing Board to persuade them to commit to the document. Health and Wellbeing Boards came into effect in April as part of the wider reforms to the NHS, and this is the first time a charter of this kind has been presented to them.  The Children’s Trust chief executive Dalton Leong said: “The advent of the new health system is a major opportunity to address some of the most enduring challenges faced by disabled children, young people and their families in accessing the support they need. We hope for a positive reaction to our Charter." You can read the full charter and find out how you can get involved at The Children's Trust website. The Children's Trust developed and runs the Brain Injury Hub resource. 
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