Call on the government to create a new stroke strategy

The Stroke Association are campaigning to Government to renew the National Stroke Strategy when it comes to an end next year. 
The video shows Emily who suffered a stroke at 10-years-old and did not recieve the care and support she needed following her stroke.  You can read more about Emily's story here. Currently the Government have no plans to renew the strategy.  This means if you have a stroke there will be no guarantee that you’ll get the support you need, like physio and speech therapies, to help you, or your loved ones, recover. It also means that you may not get the treatments which stop people dying, or becoming disabled, from stroke. And where you live will affect the quality of care and support you get. The Government accepts that the current strategy has improved stroke care but still refuses to renew it – this puts lives and recoveries at risk. No one plans for a stroke but the Government can and should plan to make sure everyone gets the treatment and support they need. You can help support The Stroke Association's campaign by signing the petition.    
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