Call for MPs to make disabled children a priority

The Disabled Children’s Partnership (DCP) has called for urgent action to prevent the growing crisis in health and social care services for disabled children and their families.

  A Parliamentary event on Wednesday 29 November welcomed hundreds including MPs, Peers, children and their families and organisations in the DCP coalition. The event included speeches, MPs spoke to families and the DCP coalition launched its 5 step plan in Westminster. This is the second phase in the Secret Life of Us campaign. BBC journalist Matt Lockwood was at the event and said on Twitter : “Amanda Batten Chair of @DCPcampaign says it’s “heartbreaking” to see what little support families of disabled children have been taken away from them due to cuts in funding. The “solutions aren’t complex” #secretlifeofus”. The 5 step plan sets out what the DCP thinks government must do to addressing the growing crisis in health and social care for disabled children. The 5 steps are: Step 1: Make disabled children a priority Provide ministerial leadership to ensure a cross-departmental approach to improving outcomes for disabled children and their families. Step 2: Review current funding Review funding of short breaks provision for disabled children and families. Step 3: Clarify existing rights Clarify current rights and entitlements by co-producing with families guidance for local authorities and clinical commissioning groups (CCGS) on their existing statutory obligations. Step 4: Create a Fund Improve health and social care services for disabled children by providing an early intervention and family resilience fund. Step 5: Change the system Review of health and social care law, to strengthen and clarify rights and entitlements for disabled children and their families. For step 2, the DCP has a petition that can be signed – this calls on the Government to review the funding and availability of short breaks services.  An MP attending, Caroline Noakes, tweeted: “Pleased to pop in to the Disabled Children’s Partnership meeting this pm to collect a copy of “Secret Life of Us” at the request of a number of constituents, thanks to @DCPcampaign for the invitation.” Find out more about the Disabled Children's Partnership.
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