Brick wall

Teenager's artwork depicting the difficulties she has experienced following brain injury.

Melissa Shearer from Prestonpans Scotland was eight when she was susatined multiple brain injuries after bieng knocked down by a car. She was coming out of school when she was hit by a car, thrown over to the other side of the road and was trapped under another car, leading her to suffer five bleeds to the brain.   Melissa's drawing here highlights the difficulties surrounding social skills following her brain injury. the artwork as been displayed in Sacchi Gallery.   Her mum Barbara told us that the somewhat hidden effects of her injury made the return to school an isolating experience for her daughter and the family. she said:  "People thought she was back to normal and all the support we had at the beginning dwindled. The drama crisis was over. Everyone there when she was in her coma but nowhere to be seen now. Still people look at her and don't know what all the fuss is. "She was bullied and was victim of a serious assault.  She became very lonely as her friends gave up." Melissa now enjoys horse riding and there have been other positives that have arisen from her brain injury. You can read her full story here.   
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