Breaking Bad star visits UK disability charity

Award-Winning actor RJ Mitte has cerebral palsy which he has 'utilised' for his global success in the acting world.

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The 22-year-old who is known for his character, Walt Junior visited Scope last month for its employment service event. Talking about his experience in a blog he has written since the event he said: "I wouldn't be in the position I am in today without my disability and be able to utilise what I know about living with Cerebral Palsy for my role in Breaking Bad. "My disability may have helped me get the part of Walt Junior, but it wasn't a free ride. I still had to work for it and it was tough - I auditioned five times! "A lot of people were going for that role. No matter how small the part is, it's one of the most competitive industries in the world and people won't feel sorry for you just because you have a disability. If you're no good you're out!" Diagnosed with the condition, aged three, Mitte was bullied as a child but was motivated by his granddad who never allowed him to voice negative words. "I quickly learnt not to back down," he said. "A bruise will heal, a cut will heal, but when you let someone take away who you are, it's more damaging than any broken bone and deeper than any cut. "By standing up for myself, people no longer just saw my disability. It shouldn't define you." In his latest film, Who is Driving Doug, Mitte plays a character with muscular dystrophy. He said cabling, wires and electrical equipment on set made it difficult to get around but he worked around it. He is working with the industry to make sets and the filming experience more accessible for disabled people. He added: "Disabled actors often play roles where their disability is the focus of a storyline. It would be great if a character's disability was incidental rather than a deliberate casting decision." Read the blog in its entirety  
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