Brain tumour survivor’s new book inspires recovery

Anthony Wright was left with brain injury, had severe sight and hearing problems and his face collapsed on one side following surgery and radiotherapy for his tumour.

His book, You Can Self Heal aims to inspire others from what he learned. Following his illness, Anthony developed his own self-recovery plan, encompassing all aspects of his mind and body; a combination of brain and physical exercises. Although he had been left wheel-chair bound following his tumour,  he can now run two miles or walk ten, while his speed of speech has increased by a third. He says of the book: "It outlines for readers all of the positive steps I took in my recovery and will enable one to revitalize one's natural healing powers. “They will able to encourage and motivate all their resources -  mind and body - to self-heal. “The message from the book is 'You can get your life back'”. Read more about Anthony's journey.
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