Brain injury teen 'stuck in the system'

A teenager has become "stuck in the system" a month after her medical treatment for brain damage ended, her family fears.
Jordana King, 17, from Port Talbot, contracted encephalitis - an inflammation of the brain - in June. She is awaiting transfer from Swansea's Morriston Hospital to a rehabilitation unit, with her family worried delays could jeopardise her recovery. Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board said her care plan is being reviewed. In June, Ms King, who is a Jujitsu brown belt, was taken ill with two forms of encephalitis which left her brain damaged. At one stage she could not eat, drink or wash herself, with her father Darol describing it as "like having a newborn baby". After being treated at the neurology department at Morriston Hospital, she is awaiting transfer to a rehabilitation unit which will offer speech, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Her family believe this will be at Cardiff's Llandough Hospital. The family said experts told them rehabilitation was a matter of urgency and are worried delays may jeopardise her chances of making a full recovery. "She's stuck in the system. We can't speak to Llandough (hospital) because she's not there yet," said Mr King. "Morriston can't do anything, they've done everything they can. "She's in no man's land now. The consultant can't do any more because he's a medical consultant, so she's just in limbo at whoever's mercy really." In a statement, the health board said it was "very pleased" to see her condition improving although "there is still a long way to go". It added: "Because Jordana's progress is good, we are updating her care plan regularly. "Jordana needs speech and language therapy, but it is not clear, because of her improvement, whether she still needs to go to Llandough for specialist care, or whether that care can be provided closer to home. "This is being reviewed at the moment, and we will continue to discuss all available options with her family."
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