Brain injury risk forces former Grand Prix racer to retire

Once a 125CC World Championship competitor, Harry Stafford has taken advice from doctors that another bang to the head could lead to brain damage.

The 21-year-old was hospitalised with a serious head injury in 2013 before returning to take part in European Superstock 600 which ended after he hit the pit wall at Imola, Italy. "With the injuries I've suffered, the doctors have said I can't take much more," he said. "It's frustrating but I've got to live in the real world. We're not all Superman. "It's been very difficult for me as I've been riding for 14 years so it's all I can remember from being a child to now.I still want to be involved in the sport somehow though, maybe by running my own team or be involved with riders to help them. He added: "It will probably be frustrating not riding but it's just part of life that my body is in this position, I can't carry on injuring myself. "I'm very proud with what I've done in my career from being around the MotoGP circuit which is where I wanted to get."
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