Brain charities collaborate for event to spread awareness

Last week The Children’s Trust, Child Brain Injury Trust and Brainstrust joined forces for an event to increase understanding of ABI.

  All three charities are members of the Leeds Children with Additional Needs Network (CANN). Similar networks operate across the UK to support children and their families. The Leeds CANN meeting saw The Children’s Trust’s Brain Injury Community Service, Child Brain Injury Trust and Brainstrust deliver a presentation together on childhood acquired brain injury to other members aiming to increase awareness and understanding of ABI. The network brings together members from third sector, voluntary community and statutory organisations who work with children and young people with additional needs. One reason for the presentation was that the young people and families the brain charities work with may benefit from support from other Leeds CANN organisations for family support, respite options, recreational activities, specialist sleep advice to name but a few. The presentation had a good reception and the group reflected on the additional needs a young person may have following an ABI and what support they may benefit from. There was also a positive response to the three charities teaming up to deliver the presentation. Comments included: ‘I thought it was very well put together, it was as if one voice was speaking throughout’ and ‘very articulate, it is a complex area but you articulated it well’. Members of Leeds CANN share best practice, learning, resources, ideas and share opportunities. The Leeds CANN website acts as a single entry point for parents and carers to access information about organisations, events, activities and training opportunities across the city. Similar networks operate in other parts of the country – examples being CAN in Wokingham and CWAN in Sefton.
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