Boy born with parts of his brain in the wrong place stuns doctors

Doctors said five-year-old would never walk or talk but Finley now walks two miles every day.

Finley Lamb from Wallasey, Merseyside, has a rare brain abnormality - Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia - which means many of his 'grey matter' cells have not migrated to the correct position. It left him unable to walk and talk, and with a 90 per cent chance of developing Epilepsy. But he has made huge progress in the last two years since starting a programme designed for him by the Family Hope Center (FHC) in Philadelphia, USA. The centre treats children with special needs and developmental delays and has recommended special exercises which are intended to stimulate Finley’s brain. Finley now goes to schoo for two full days and for two others the remaining three days. His mum Sara said: “We’re not quite there yet but I feel like we’re over the hump. "He’s doing absolutely great. He got 19 out of 20 on his last phonics test and he’s keeping up really well on all his work. “He’s been discharged from speech therapy, the eye specialist and the dietician because he's a good weight.” Finley’s exercises have been designed to painstakingly take his brain and body from the stages a baby would go through – such as crawling – up to walking. One of his more unusual activities is when he uses a special harness attached to the ceiling with bungee ropes, which is aimed at improving his balance. Sara said: “He’s got a good gait but he can’t run yet. He tries but his co-ordination just goes out of the window! He walks two miles a day in addition to just getting around, which is to strengthen his legs.” Click here to read more. 

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