Bethany follows her dreams

Bethany was 17 when she suffered a stroke leaving her with a brain injury. She’s now in her early 20s and gives us an update.

If my story was to teach you anything, it is to not give up, and carry on with your life. I took ‘years out’ to recover but I then carried on where I ‘left off’, so to speak. Why should brain injury stop you achieving your dreams? In May 2019, I finished my second year of university, where I am studying Psychology. With regard to my brain injury, I am still seeing a physiotherapist for my arm and leg weakness but not as regular due to my university commitments! In September 2017, I underwent a procedure to help my speech; it was to help my soft palate paralysis in my mouth. Before, it didn’t move to block the air coming out of my nose but now it is a lot better so my speech has improved ie. it is louder and clearer. Again, it’s still not perfect and I do still struggle with it but it’s the best I can get. Bethany had a stroke in 2012. You can read her Real story and an interview with Bethany from 2015.
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