Be My Eyes

A new smartphone app which links sighted helpers with blind people has been launched.

Using live video link to connect people, the app already has 99,000 volunteer signed up and 8,000 blind people.

Inventor Hans Jorgen Wilberg says the idea is that blind people would mostly use the function at home where there are many things they need to be able to see and where there is generally good wifi connection. Speaking on Radio 4's In Touch, Wiberg says blind users are using it in other situations too: "People have used it when they go somewhere on a bus and they get off but then they can't find the door into the building. They use Be My Eyes to get the last 20 metres. "The response has been totally overwhelming," says Wiberg who is visually impaired himself. "We launched this 12 days ago and now we have 99,000 helpers worldwide." But Wiberg points out other obvious security concerns should be kept in mind when using the app. "You should never show your credit card to some total stranger," he says. "You have to use your family or friends for that kind of stuff. If the user encounters any abuse they can report a volunteer. Wiberg says the app gives no information about the location of either the user or helper. find out more about the effects of eyesight after brain injury. Read more  
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