BBC’s Hospital focuses on brain injury

Last week’s programme saw three-year-old Charlie receive treatment for his rare brain tumour; this week the programme is at Liverpool’s Walton Centre.

BBC Hospital
Credit: BBC/Label1/Ryan McNamara
The Walton Centre is the only dedicated spinal, neuroscience and pain management trust in the UK. This week the programme follows 18-year old Tom, who sustained serious brain injuries following a car accident; 22-year-old Sophie, who has been at the hospital for nine months following an unexplained inflammation of the brain; and Michaela, 30, who has had four brain operations in a year. The programme airs on BBC from 9-10pm. It is described as ‘highly emotional’. Hospital captures the day-to-day life of six hospital trusts across the city of Liverpool. Last week the programme featured three-year-old Charlie who has been fighting an ependymoma brain tumour (you can watch the programme here). The programme follows Charlie as he has surgery at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital then embarks on further treatment abroad. Louise Shepherd, Chief Executive of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, said: “We are delighted that this series of Hospital is able to highlight the outstanding work we do with children and young people.” Hayley Citrine, Chief Executive of The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Hospital demonstrates the complexities of health and social care and how dedicated Walton Centre staff work so hard for the benefit of patients. It shows how we, as a specialist NHS Trust, provide high quality healthcare against a series of challenges whilst keeping our patients and their needs at the heart of what we do.” 
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