BBC Three's Defying the Label - Epilepsy & Me

As part of BBC Three’s ‘Defying the Label’ season, which delivers compelling, untold stories revealing a glimpse of life as a young disabled person, coming to your screens soon is a programme on Epilepsy: ‘Epilepsy & Me.’

What happens when people can’t see your disability? It’s hidden and can strike at any time, without warning – when you’re walking down the street, in a classroom, at a party or on a date. This is a film about people who have extreme epilepsy, where seizures can be a daily occurrence and they have to be watched 24 hours a day. The film follows four people at a crucial point in their lives when their futures are being decided. It’s rare that 21 year-old Jack gets through a day without having a convulsive seizure. He needs constant supervision, but is determined to take his new girlfriend Olivia out on a date – which is made even more complicated when he has to bring his support worker along. Amy, 24, is leaving her residential college and needs to find somewhere to live, but where will be safe, happy and allow her more independence? Olivia is 21 years old and hasn’t had a seizure for four years and wants to prove to others that she’s ready to learn to drive – something most people around her believe isn’t possible. 14 year-old Thomas has recently developed epilepsy because of a newly discovered brain tumour. What will happen if he has major surgery? How can you grow up and lead an independent life when you can never be left alone? The film was made in collaboration with the charity Young Epilepsy. Three of the young people followed are their students at St Piers and one of them has visited their medical centre. Tune in to watch Epilepsy & Me on BBC Three 9pm, 10 August.
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