Back on his bike

The 18-year-old suffered a severe brain injury as a result of a cycling accident.

Ryan who was left in a coma following the accident has now received the specialist bike his family ordered to enable him to fulfil his wish to ride again. Ryan Smith's family were told it was unlikely he would survive his injuries from the accident, which happened when he was riding to work in his home town of Chapel St Leonard's, while not wearing a helmet. Hi father, Mark, has since become a campaigner to warn others of the dangers of not wearing crash helmets. Read Ryan's full story here. For the family, the decision to purchase a new bike was a difficult one, but Ryan's desire to ride again outweighed their fears. Ryan and his dad took to the streets where the accident happened to test out the custom made, £7,000 bike, another milestone in the teen's road to recovery. Mark said: "Ryan's not isolated anymore, we can get into the community again. Ryan can get there himself, make his own choices about where we’re going. He isn’t dependent on who is pushing his wheelchair. It’s hugely encouraging and it’s lovely to watch people acknowledge his efforts." Ryan added: "I’ve got helmet now, I’ve got my headgear so my head is protected and that’s the main thing."
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