Baby’s brain injuries due to hospital errors at birth

Cassie Wiggins, now four, has epilepsy, has severe brain injuries, has cerebral palsy and requires round-the-clock care.

The hospital has admitted a has admitted a series of mistakes made by medical staff caring for her mother Sarah Myatt-Maley as she went into labour, are to blame. The Heart of England NHS Trust, which runs the Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham, is now in the process of negotiating a pay-out to provide a lifetime care package for Cassie. When Cassie's mother, Sarah Myatt-Maley was in labour, midwives failed to monitor her heartbeat and missed it dropping low, leaving the child's brain starved of oxygen. Miss Myatt-Maley, who is Cassie's full-time carer, said: "Our little girl had the worst start to life as a result of the hospital's mistakes and that has been very difficult for us as a family to come to terms with. She cannot walk, talk or communicate in any way with us or her little sister. "Cassie is regularly in and out of hospital with chest infections and will be entirely reliant on us for the rest of her life." Speaking of the payout she added: "Now this paves the way for us to continue to provide her with the very best care for the rest of her life so she can grow and develop." Click here to read the full story. Cassie with sister, Katrina Image credit: Birmingham Mail/Irwin Mitchell
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