Australian surfer wins top level competition after returning to the waves following a serious brain injury

Australian surfer, Owen Wright, has achieved a remarkable win at an elite event, the Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast, his first competition since suffering a serious brain injury whilst surfing the Pipeline in Hawaii in December 2015. 

A person walks along a sandy beach, a second person can be seen surfing in the background What had initially looked like a fairly innocuous wipeout, resulted in severe concussion and bleeding in the brain which left him with memory and function loss. He did not attempt to surf for four months, and on his return last March he found that he was unable to stand up on his surfboard.  As reported in The Australian he “became a beginner again” and as recently as last month he had still not received the go-ahead to return to the World Surf League tour this year. He said in his post-victory interview: “I think it was the start of February – I was sitting in the doctor’s office and there were question marks on the year. So to be sitting here right now, we just pushed hard and went hard and confronted every fear of getting back into it. There were a lot of questions of getting back into the sport and back into pretty much what took me out and could have taken me out forever. I just kept going and kept doing it.” “Just all the love and support that’s come my way since the injury is why I’m standing here, back doing the sport I love.” He added: “During the injury there were so many people who wrote to me, texted me, called me, it helped pull me through a really tough year.”
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