Art workshops for children with brain injury

We found out how ‘My Brain, My Journey’ art workshops in Manchester are helping children and young people with a brain injury.

Credit:My Brain, My Journey
  A new series of art workshops are providing children and young people with brain injury with the tools to explore, create and express their experiences of life with brain injury.  The individual and collaborative artwork that explores their rehabilitation journey will be on display at an exhibition in Manchester on the 24 November. We spoke to Claire Jenkyn, the founder and one of the team who set up the art workshops, to find out more about what they are doing:

What do the children and young people do in the workshops?

The workshops are for two hours and are running fortnightly leading up to the exhibition showing the artwork created on 24 November. They are run by local artist Helen Newman and supported by volunteers and allow the children with brain injuries to create artwork of their choice and give them the opportunity to reflect on their journey after their brain injury. 
Credit:My Brain, My Journey

What tools do children use to produce their artwork?

The tools the children are able to use to produce their artwork have been kindly donated. They include canvases, acrylic paints, clay, pens, glitter, feathers and more! So, they have an opportunity to be very creative! 

What are the benefits of art to children with brain injury?

This workshop allows children to create something physical that they might have struggled with since their injury. It also allows them to interact with other children who have experienced something similar and gives them time to reflect on their own experience and express themselves in a safe space. 

What changes do you see in the children? What affect do the art workshops have?

We have seen the children really enjoy their experience and have fun creating colourful masterpieces helping tell their own individual stories! We can't wait for more workshops and the exhibition on Sunday 24 November which is open to the general public.

Are you looking to roll out these workshops further, nationally?

That would be the dream! The more children and young people who can be involved and can benefit from this the better.    Exhibition Information: Date: Sunday 24th November Times: 1pm - 4pm. (FREE ENTRY) Venue: Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6ER Raising money for the Neuro-Rehabilitation Service at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.           
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