Art project sheds new light on brain injury

A contemporary art work in Tasmania is telling some rarely-heard stories from people with an acquired brain injury.

The Angels of Our Better Nature project is a two-metre tall stainless steel head, in which observers can look through its eyes and see an expression in video of artists’ lives since acquiring a brain injury. Artistic director Richard Bladel said: "It's the voice, the imagination and life experience of a whole lot of extraordinary human beings who've been through great trauma and suffering in their lives, and through that trauma and suffering, they've learnt an extraordinary amount about what it is to be human." "I've learnt just because you have a brain injury doesn't mean you're not intelligent, sensitive, poetic, brilliant." Participant Nick Cooper was studying to be a lawyer when he had a stroke, resulting in memory loss. He said it was an exciting project to be involved in, adding: "It has helped me a great deal because all of a sudden I find I think I'm doing something useful." Read more here.
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