Anton shares his story of determination

A book about a boy’s journey as he grows up with hospital stays and surgery featuring regularly in his life is available to read or listen to.

  Anton Evans’ book about growing up with Morquio’s Syndrome, a rare disorder that resulted in various disabilities, covers his journey, emotional and physical, as he travels from his home on the South coast to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital and the hospital’s country branch, Tadworth Court (now The Children’s Trust). Anton spent several months recovering and having rehabilitation at Tadworth Court in the 1960s and 1970s. His hospital stays were several decades ago but Anton’s story is timeless. The book covers challenges such as spending time away from parents and siblings, learning to walk again and fun experiences including the humour Anton shared with many nurses. On returning to school Antony spoke to his fellow pupils in assembly. He told them: “I have learned resilience, I think – that life does change, and some things are beyond our control. But that we can cope with change and learn from it and that, if we hold firm, in the end everything will turn out fine.” Along with returning to a routine at school Antony also had highs and lows mixing with friends after a long hospital stay: “One day I was playing outside with a group of friends, and looked over the road towards my house. Suddenly a feeling of sadness came over me. I imagined that I could see myself on the inside of the house looking out, as the others played without me. All the time that I was inside I had longer to join my friends on the street but now that I was here as I had hoped, I still didn’t feel that I was fully a part of things. I knew that part of me would always be separate, difference. I had to struggle to hold the tears back. “‘Come on mate,’ said my friend, pulling me back into the game. ‘You’re dwelling on the past again aren’t you?’ I don’t know how he had guessed, but he was right, and I knew that he had made a good point. I needed to concentrate on what was happening here and now, and not keep drifting back into the past.’” For an enjoyable and insightful read you can buy the book to read in print or online or as an audio version (can only be listened to on a computer). All proceeds from the book’s sale are donated to The Children’s Trust and Great Ormond Street Hospital.  
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