Anti-bullying Week 2014

Radio 1 DJ and Blue peter presenter share their experiences of bullying.

As part of national anti-bullying week, Newsround has helped put together an interactive guide to help everyone understand more about bullying and its impacts. During this year’s national Anti-Bullying Week school communities are being asked to take action to stop the bullying of all children including those with disabilities and special educational needs. Newsround’s guide features Blue Peter’s Lindsey Russell and radio 1 DJ Greg James, talking about their experiences of bullying. The guide also explains that many children don’t actually realise that their words or actions are considered a form of bullying. It offers advice to people who think they may be a bully or to to those who feel they are getting bullied. Have a look at the interactive guide here. Has your child experienced bullying becuase of their brain injury or disability? Why not share your experience, ask or share advice on our forum. Anti-Bullying Week is coordinated by Anti-Bullying Alliance.  Tips on helping your child through issues of bullying.
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