An update from Seb

After sustaining a brain injury at the age of nine Seb, now 12 years old, has made some remarkable achievements.

Three years ago, at nine years old, Seb fell from the exit door of a coach and suffered severe head and leg injuries. Seb was in a coma for three months at the specialist head injury unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. He was then transferred for three months’ rehabilitation at The Children’s Trust, the UK’s largest residential brain injury rehabilitation unit.

Three years on, Seb's mother Tracey updates us on how Seb is doing...

“It's over three years since Seb's accident and Seb continues to make a remarkable recovery. When we came away from The Children’s Trust two-and-a-half years ago we promised Seb that we would put in place everything that we had learned in the short three months of Seb's stay.  “As parents of a 9/10 year old we knew that it was our responsibility to continue the work and build on the crucial foundations that had been put in place. You can read Seb's full story here. “Before his accident, Seb was a sporty and talented boy and always set huge expectations and goals for himself and we felt that this shouldn't change. “The team at The Children's Trust encouraged and reassured us that mainstream school would be the best route for Seb and his main goal was to return to school (having been away for almost a year) to his friends and twin brother and catch up, enabling him to move through to Year 6 and senior school at the same time. “Seb's injuries have left him with a visual impairment, motor visio integration difficulties and he is a transfemoral amputee. So it has been a hugely challenging couple of years as Seb has battled with his limitations and disabilities. “Seb has worked so hard to get through his first year at senior school and be able to engage in both the academic and physical curriculum. But he won't stop at being average. “While at The Children's Trust Seb developed a love of drawing, and this has continued to drive Seb to work towards an Art Scholarship... and how hugely beneficial for his dexterity and hand/eye coordination too. “We will never forget the messages and key goals from our time at The Children’s Trust – work hard on developing functional independence, get physically fit and strong, and use tools and technology to access the curriculum as effectively as possible. “Seb is now a strong swimmer again, he plays Wheelchair basketball at Leicester Cobras, is training for a half marathon in his hand cycle, has learned to ski again, and went to Poland in July to play amputee football. “He finished Year 7 in July (his first year at senior school). He still has a long way to go but most of all Seb (now 12) is taking much more responsibility for his own therapy and progress, and works towards his own goals. He also attends his MDT meetings (multidisciplinary team meeting) to discuss how he is doing with all his therapists.”  
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