A visit and update from Catherine

Now 22, Catherine has achieved so much since sustaining a brain injury. 

By Maria Coyle, Information Manager, The Children's Trust We had a great catch up with Catherine Train and her mum Debbie yesterday (3 May) when they visited The Children's Trust. During her visit Catherine stunned us with her improved walking and it was brilliant to hear all about her continued achievements.  I first met Catherine in 2012 when she was 18 and was recieving intensive rehabilitation for a brain injury at The Children's Trust.  Catherine was involved in a car accident, in which her father sadly didn't survive.  You can read Catherine's full story here. During her time in rehabilitation she set her own goals and each day made another step towards achieving them. She learned how to eat and talk again at The Children's Trust with the help of different therapies. When I last seen her she was able to stand using a frame but not quite walking. To watch her get herself out of her wheelchair and walk more steadily towards the sofa yesterday was momentous.  Since going home she has continued to go to physiotherapy and has kept up with her exercises to improve her walking. Her determination has certainly not disappeared! She has been studying at college and now does voluntary work.  Throughout the afternoon we bumped into so many staff who were delighted to see Catherine and Debbie. The visit was topped off with a trip up to the tree house where Debbie and Catherine reminisced of their time here and talked about how far Catherine has come since then.   
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