Amy's uplifting interview for Children in Need

The 14-year-old talks about her brain injury, using a wheelchair and her hopes to ice-skate again. 

Amy Williams from Staines-Upon-Thames gave an interview to BBC Sussex as part of Children in Need appeal, which provides money to The Children's Trust, where she has been receiving rehabilition for her brain injury.  She spoke candidly about the effects of her brain injury, one of which is disinhibition: "It's been quite hard. Sometimes i say stuff that i don't mean. Sometimes i swear becuase my brain tells me to swear. And it's really quite hard because obviously i wouldn't normally do that." Talking about The Children's Trust, where she is receiving rehabilitation, she said: "I couldn't ask for a better place to be. All the people here are so lovely. "I’ve only been here for a month and I’ve already been to watch Hairspray. I’m going to the ice-skating rink for my birthday in a wheelchair. How awesome is that!  "Before I had my brain tumour, I was into skating, that was my passion, I really wanted to be an ice-skater, the big thing. Obviously, now that I’m in a wheelchair I can’t really ice-skate but I want and hope to do that again." Amy collapsed on Good Friday of this year. She was rushed to St George's Hospital, where it was discovered she had a brain tumour on her brain stem.  "When i woke up from my operation, i couldn't walk and that's why i'm in a wheelchair," she said. Her dad, Mark told listeners: "The atmosphere at The Children's Trust and the kids are truly amazing. Everytime I walk through Oak House, the residential house where Amy stays, everyone is smiling and the kids are happy. The staff can't be more dedicated. When I walk in and i've seen Amy have a busy day, doing her sessions she is just so full of beans and just wants to carry on." Hazel Thompson's role of Leisure and Activities Co-ordinator at the charity is funded by Children in Need. She said: "We've been running a sports club over the summer, enabling the children to play basketball, cricket, rounders, lots of different games." 
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