Action for Brain Injury Week 2015

And an easy way for YOU to get involved.

We are using this year’s Action for Brain Injury Week (18-24 May) to raise awareness of the prevalence of childhood brain injury.
Many of you already know first-hand that the effects of brain injury are lifelong.
But perhaps you didn’t know much about childhood brain injury until it happened to your family?
So help us spread the word, get the message out and help more children by joining in The Children’s Trust’s #7Days7Ways campaign.
By simply sharing the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook and link to this story, we are another step closer to helping more of our children.
Or if you want to go one step further read the full list of the #7Days7Ways to help children with brain injury below.
We would like to give a special thanks to Daisy and Geraint (pictured) and their families for sharing their stories to help us promote the campaign.


Click on the titles, to find out how you can get involved. 1. Be B.R.A.I.N aware: Learn about the hidden effects of brain injury through our acronym and share one fact with friends or on social media.

2. Volunteer: Have you got free time on your hands? Perhaps you could write a blog for us about your experience of brain injury? Or you could become a valuable member of The Children's Trust volunteer team. 

3. Do a challenge: From climbing Everest Base Camp to an adrenaline-rushing abseil, there must be a challenge out there that you would eagerly sign up for. Doing a fundraising challenge on behalf of The Children’s Trust will support its vital work. 4. Tell your school: Does your child's classmates and teachers understand their brain injury. Why not give them some help in understandning the effects by suggesting they read our free books. 5. Tell your work: Encourage your company to consider The Children's Trust as Charity of the Year. 6. Use The Children's Trust charity shops: Why not cast off those unwanted winter clothes and get them down to one of The Children’s Trust shops? 7. Hold an event: Whether it’s a bake sale or a fundraising ball, we will support you with materials and advice on your events.
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