A look back at 2018

As the year draws to a close we look back at the stories shared by children and families this year.

Many families share their experiences, which help other families facing similar challenges following a child or young person’s brain injury. Sometimes the stories are about the child but parents also talk about their own journey. Here are 10 of the children and families that shared their experience of brain injury in 2018 in our Real Stories or Blogs sections:  

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Mum Amy talks about the effects of her son’s brain injury after he fell on a hard floor at the age of three. Four years on Amy talks about support and helping her son, Layton-kane, get back into a routine.  


At age seven Rhodri was misdiagnosed as ‘not’ having an ear infection; the infection went on to cause a brain abscess on the temporal lobe. His mum Clare, shares their experience.  

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At age 16 Michael fell down some steep steps and suffered a brain injury. Michael, aged 19, joined the Brain Injury Hub for work experience before going to university to study journalism. He shared his story with us and wrote about his experience of going back to school.  

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Nicola, mum of Isaac, followed professionals’ advice after her son was kicked in the head by a horse in 2013, resulting in a brain injury. However, as time went on Nicola embarked on a journey of discovery, taking an alternative route to help her son.  

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Mum Laura talks about her son Jack’s brain bleed at the age of seven weeks. He is now aged 5.   

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Emma is mum to Lewis, who has been in and out of hospital since he was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 17 months old. Despite his illness, Lewis, now 17, set up a charity and campaigns to help chronically ill and disabled children have fun and make friends. He has also written a book Looking at the stars – in this Emma shares her experience as a mum, which the Brain Injury Hub serialised into parts 1, 2 and 3.  


Now aged 22, Joe had rehabilitation after an accident on his bike as a teenager. We caught up with Joe and he shared his story and wrote about how he overcame challenges after a brain injury and how he developed a passion for photography.  


Kai was two years old when he was hit by a van driver and left with a serious brain injury. Two years on and 2018 saw strong campaigning by Kai’s family as they fight to change sentencing for drivers on mobile phones causing serious injury/death.  

Charlotte age 21 thumbnail

Charlotte had a brain haemorrhage on holiday in 2008 at the age of 11. Now, aged 21, Charlotte looks back on the past nine years, in which she has made some amazing accomplishments.  

Ciaran thumbnail2

Ciaran was 11 years old when he had a brain haemorrhage in May. He shared his experience from the day he went to hospital through to inpatient rehabilitation in his blogs My brain injury by Ciaran and Ciaran’s rehabilitation and returning home. Ciaran left rehabilitation just in time for Christmas this year.

Thanks to all the families who have shared their stories.

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