A Caring Life

Charlie is a young carer. She has recently started writing her own blog which focuses on her experiences caring for someone with a brain injury.

Here is what she has to say...


The first subject I have chosen to talk about is young caring as it has a daily impact on so many young people in the UK and all over the world. Caring is hard. There are many times when you feel yourself questioning “Have I done that right” or “Am I supporting them ok?” Those are the times when you know that you are doing it right because you’re doing so well you’re questioning your strengths. Strengths that you often can’t see. It is natural. You don’t want to mess anything up, especially if it impacts on someone who is poorly. You worry about the effect it could have on them if it went wrong. But you always have to remember that there is support from people out there, you are not alone. There are times when you may feel like you can’t talk to someone or are too scared to talk to someone but you don’t have to be. You could always write an email or a letter to someone, or speak to someone over the phone if you are too scared to approach them face to face, and that is perfectly fine. As a young carer myself, it is sometimes hard to tell someone how you feel or to tell them that you are scared you’re doing something wrong. You’re scared to go out your comfort zone and have time for yourself. But that ‘you time’ is very important, even if it’s only for 5 minutes a day. You could sit and listen to your favourite artist, read a page from your favourite book or take up drawing. That is your time to yourself. It can be hard finding that time but you need to have it.

Always remember that nothing is impossible, there are many people who are or have been young carers and have had so much success. Never give up on your dreams because they can become reality and you can always achieve whatever you believe in, no matter what age or lifestyle. My idol, Oritsé Williams from JLS, was also a younger carer. He went on to conquer his dream of becoming a singer and for that I am so happy because he showed so many people nothing is impossible and I know whenever I listen to him or see his interviews he makes me so happy and proud. Chase your dreams and never stop being amazing.
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