30 Rock Star settles legal case over crash which left him with brain injury

Tracy Morgan's Limo was hit by a Walmart truck in June 2014.

Comedian James McNair, known as Jimmy Mack, was killed in the crash. Prosecutors alleged the driver had not slept for more than 24 hours. Morgan's lawyer said Walmart "took full responsibility for the accident" and that all sides had worked hard to reach the undisclosed agreement. Morgan who rose to fame on Saturday Night Live said of Walmart: "[Walmart] did right by me and my family, and for my associates and their families". "I am grateful that the case was resolved amicably.'' Morgan, 46, was left in a critical condition following the crash, suffering a traumatic head injury, a broken leg, nose and ribs. In March, his lawyer said the star had not yet been able to get back to work but was "working very hard to get better, physically, emotionally and mentally."
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