21-year-old man receives compensation for brain injury

Josh Humphrey has received substantial compensation for brain injuries sustained in a road accident.

On Monday (July 27th), the High Court awarded Josh, from Bognor Regis, a large sum of money in settlement for the serious injuries he suffered in a road accident five years ago. This compensation includes payments for his lifelong care. Josh’s mother, Steph Humphrey, said: “We are grateful this aspect is now over. “Nothing will take away Josh’s terrible difficulties but at least we no longer have the huge financial worries that arise as a result of brain injury.” Josh’s accident occurred when he was a passenger in a friend’s car on their way out for a day trip when he was just 16. The car collided with a lorry and led to the death of one passenger, while Josh was left with what doctors described as a very severe traumatic brain injury. Josh spent the following few months after the accident at various hospitals and rehabilitation centres until he was able to return to a specially adapted bungalow.

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