1940s calendar to fundraise for four-year-old's treatment

Oliver Johnson contracted meningitis and is now blind and unable to walk. 

Oliver, from Oxford also suffered brain damage when he was struck down suddenly with meningitis in February, suffering a number of seizures. After being rushed to hospital he was found to have meningoencephalitis – both meningitis and a swelling on the brain. Despite being told he may never walk or talk again, mum Suzanna Johnson has not given up hope especially as he has started saying a few "garbled words". She is now planning to create a fundraising 1940s-themed calendar of married couples to raise funds for possible life-changing treatment abroad. She said: "I have a few couples signed up and some places for photo settings, so I am looking for about six more married couples – so that the love can come through in the photos." The 35-year-old mum-of-two hopes to produce 600 copies of the calendar to sell.
  Since Oliver was taken ill in February – just two months after his little sister Isobelle was born – both mum Mrs Johnson and dad Michael Johnson have been visiting him everyday and planning fundraising in between. Mrs Johnson is hoping to set up a charity called Building Oliver's Bridges and want to raise £150,000 for specialist stem cell treatment being developed in the Dominican Republic currently. She said: "I think Oliver finds it all very confusing at the moment, one day he will be very smiley and the next he will be miserable. "He gets upset when he hears some things that he used to be able to see and now can't, as he is blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. "He will hopefully be home in November as he will soon move to The Children's Trust centre in Tadworth for four months of rehabilitation before heading home. "It is scary, a mixed feeling because we really want him home but it is going to be life-changing and we just want to be able to do everything we can for him."
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